Here at catering solutions, we understand creating a new business requires a new network of companies you must work along with. Working alongside with trusted partners who can help you achieve your goals with a list of services such as

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  • Servicing products
  • Property Maintenance
  • Engineering and Planning
  • Sourcing Machineries
  • Listings of Certified Wholesaler’s
  • Company logo & website designers
  • Bespoke Cookers
  • Canopy Fitters

Do you require a Commercial Property within West Midlands? (Please provide full information of the business concept)

Has the time come your machine requires servicing or repairs? Choose from our wide range of trusted engineers.

By the magic of CAD, we can design your new kitchen down to the smallest details before the first tile is laid. Our software allows exact measurements of your premises, and all of the fixtures and fittings you intend to use. If your company requires a 3D design for your project, contact our agents who will be happy to advise the services.

Bespoke Cookers and Stainless steel – A brand-new kitchen deserves brand-new fittings. We can manufacture made-to-measure tables, cupboards, and commercial cookers with an option of how many burners, with or without ovens to match your original floor plans.

Can’t find the right parts for machine – contact us to source your required parts.

Extraction System – All catering establishments are required to by law to install and maintain adequate extraction systems to remove carbon monoxide, grease, and fat particles alongside cooking smells from the kitchen environment. If you are planning to install a commercial kitchen you are unlikely to get planning permission from your local authority unless your plans include the appropriate equipment and failing to maintain the system can invalidate your insurance. 

“We lead the way, others follow”

Every business requires a website and logo to present its image to the public. Catering solutions provides the service of website designers who can maintain an e-commerce website and many other platforms which is suitable for the business. Expansion can be made in many ways