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16″Belt Conveyor Pizza Oven


16″ Gas conveyor belt pizza machine, good condition, Digital display, fully working order, touch pad buttons, on wheels.



Catering Solutions canopies are designed for small and medium-sized commercial kitchens. With three different ranges of canopies on offer, there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. All instructions are based on canopies being fitted with a maximum of 12 meters of ductwork and two 90-degree bends. All canopies are available with the added option of either an internal fan, an external fan value pack (that includes a speed controller, duct mount fan, and spigots), and a range of lighting solutions

Chefmaster HEC826


A superb quality commercial kitchen blender, the Chefmaster HEC826 is an exceptionally sturdy, safe, and powerful 2 litre Digital blender. Ideal for busy restaurants, hotels, canteens, and other institutions, the Chefmaster HEC826 can quickly and easily mix, liquefy, grind and blend a huge variety of hot and cold foods with variable speed control for maximum precision.

Commercial Dough Mixer 33Ltr


Short Description- 33litre dough mixer 13-amp plug, Italian brand, on wheels. Viewing available

Commercial Fryers


Catering Solutions have long held a reputation for providing powerful and reliable commercial fryers. The VF35 is no different, offering a generous capacity 18 liter oil tank with dual baskets, the VF35 provides the impressive output and is ideal for busy professional kitchens. The fryer is specifically engineered to make cooking and maintenance faster and easier.

Compact Fosters Double Freezer


Current state of the art, double door compact Fosters freezer. This double door consists small amount of area, but capacity of holding is near enough fulfilling. Stainless steel body with digital display, holding temperatures from -18. Adjustable shelves within, it is a must-see product.

Heated Gantry & Bain-marie


Heated Gantry, stainless steel body which is easily moveable around the kitchen due to its strong wheels. Halogen light with a heated platform that can be controlled with a manual dial. Below the gantry asides a full size bain-marie which has a shelf between allowing more space for heating storage purpose. Item is fully serviced before purchase.

Heavy Duty Mixer


A reliable and robust heavy duty mixer – perfect for all environments. Whether you’re mixing a heavy pizza dough, mashing potato or simply whipping up a pancake batter, the Chefmaster planetary mixer is an excellent professional option. Supplied with beater, whisk and dough hook attachments.

Ice Cream Display Freezer


This glass front on wheels, attractive display counter freezer holds up to 10 pans. Freezing temperatures from -18. Ideal showcase for displaying the tastiest scoop ice cream. More details upon request

Lincat Opus 800 Griddle


The chrome plating on this Lincat Opus 800 Griddle provides a non-adhesive surface that is ideal for the cooking of delicate foods such as eggs or pancakes. Conducting heat quicker and with less heat radiation than steel models, this unit would be well suited for mobile caterers where the appliance may not be expected to be constantly in use and would help reduce running costs. The griddle features two independent cooking zones to match demand as well as offer flexibility when cooking products with different optimal temperatures..

Reducing carbon emissions and increasing sustainability are vital in modern kitchens, and the Opus 800 series incorporates advanced technology for outstanding energy efficiency.

Lincat Silverlink 600


The heavy-duty Lincat Silverlink 600 electric boiling top HT7 features a wide, heavy-duty boiling top that comes with four robust boiling rings and an easily clean stainless steel hob. Such features make this boiling top ideal for withstanding the rigors of a commercial kitchen. The boiling top features automatic power reduction if the pan boils dry or is removed, which ensures the hotplates are safe as well as prolong their life. Its sealed hot plates also give even heat distribution for expertly cooked food.

The Silverlink range is extensive and includes gas and electric cooking equipment for both countertop and free-standing use. all units are 600mm deep to make optimum use of the available kitchen space. Width sizes extend from a compact 300mm up to 900mm,

Meat Mincer


Small but powerful commercial meat mincer, made from die-cast aluminum and stainless steel, and comes with a stainless steel tray and hopper. Its capable of producing up to 400kgs of mince per hour and the grinding unit can be removed completely for easy cleaning. There are 4 mincers in the Metcalfe range and the other models are available from the options at the bottom of the page

Middleby Marshall 32″ Pizza Machine


32″ Pizza Machine / Natural Gas / On wheels/ Digital display, twin motor fans and much more features. Come and view the product in Aston, Birmingham

PF62 Fryer


Stainless steel construction maintains toughness worthy of any commercial kitchen. Special features, like the thermostatic control and safety cut-out, make the PF62 a very safe fryer to use. Additionally, the dishwashable friendly basket makes it a breeze to clean and the pull-out handles on each side of the pan make it much easier to lift and empty.

Pizza Preperation Table Refrigerated


5 Pan Refrigerated pizza prep table, on wheels, marble top, 2 doors, stainless steel 13 amp plug. Digital display. Great Condition

Stainless steel cupboard


Large-capacity stainless steel cupboards with sliding doors make them ideal for use in busy kitchens and areas with limited space. Many ranges and sizes to choose from.

The Pantheon TVP500


The Pantheon TVP500 has a double seal feature, exceptional reliability, and high output making this a very popular machine. The TVP500 Instantly seals food or liquid, in easy-to-store packs. Making precise portions for instant cooling, freezing, or cooking. The vacuum and sealing actions are adjustable, and once sealed the vacuum bags are ideal for use with a Sous Vide Water bath. A Perspex viewing window allows the food or liquid to be seen during the vacuum process and the stainless steel construction makes this machine exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean.